A Study in (Danny) Pink


I usually don’t post stuff like this, but this is a theory that I have that imo makes a lot of sense, so I wanted to put it out there.

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I really do like this theory and it defintely has enough wibbly wobbly timey wimey-ness to it to work on the show.

Not gonna lie, I’d love to see Peter and Samuel and Jenna play this out.

I am curious though, can memeory worms be that specific?  I thought it wiped all memories in a short time period, though I might be mistaken. 


It is our pleasure to introduce the Oswink Network, a place for Oswink shippers to gather and share everything about our lovely ship!

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Doctor Who 8.06 - ‘The Caretaker’

I know one thing about the architect.  What is it that I know? I know one thing, something that I’ve known from the very start.  I hate him! He’s overbearing.  He’s manipulative.  He likes to think that he’s very clever. I hate him.  Clara, don’t you see?